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ikea tablecloth weights

The embodiment was chosen and described in order to best illustrate the principles of the invention and its practical application to thereby enable one of ordinary skill in the art to best utilize the invention in various embodiments and with various modifications as are suited to the particular use contemplated.

However, those solutions lack the flexibility and simplicity of the present invention and are not generally applicable to accommodate different sizes, types and arrangements of picnic tables.

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When the strip 12 is closed to form a binding band, a grip tab 21 adjacent to the second end 16 provides a convenient and accessible opening means for a user to grab the strip 12 to release the loop-type fastener section 20 from the hook-type fastener section The device for securing a tablecloth to a picnic table of claim 1 wherein each of said at least two strips is adaptable to fit tablecloths and picnic tables of different sizes.

It is another object of the present invention to provide a method whereby a fabric tablecloth is secured to a picnic table through the use of elastic binding bands with releasable closure means. The section of hook-type fasteners and section of loop-type fasteners are then meshed together to form the strip of stretchable fabric into a binding band encircling and snugly holding the tablecloth to the picnic table.

The strip 12 comprising such elastic exhibits a stretch characteristic in that the strip 12 can be stretched to twice its unstretched length.

ikea tablecloth weights

If the weights, which are often nothing more than bottles of ketchup and jars of mustard or other picnic basket type items, are insufficient, the tablecloth and weights are still subject to being disrupted by a strong wind.

The device for securing a tablecloth to a picnic table of claim 4 wherein each of said at least two strips comprises elastic.

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