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Mercutio, unlike Romeo, doesn't believe that dreams can act as portents. His death marks a distinct turning point in the play as tragedy begins to overwhelm comedy, and the fates of the protagonists darken. In , English poet John Dryden wrote, "Shakespeare show'd the best of his skill in his Mercutio, and he said himself, that he was forced to murder him in the third Act, to being killed by him. In this scene we actually see for the first time Mercutio lost for words. Mercutio hurls insults and taunts at Tybalt, and draws the sword first, in reaction to Tybalt's insults, which are directed to Romeo. Instead they are greedy and want more. Here we also see an antithesis between Romeo and Mercutio.

Appear thou in the likeness of a sigh, Speak but one rhyme and I am satisfied. His very bitter jokes and loyalty to Romeo gain our admiration, as he is not involved in the feud. Like Tybalt, Mercutio has a strong sense of honor and can't understand Romeo's refusal to fight Tybalt, calling it, "O calm, dishonorable, vile submission" III.

Romeo is telling the audience as the Queen Mab speech shows that, Mercutio is a man of words rather than actions. Maybe Mercutio himself without realising it has foreseen his own death, the ultimate dreamless sleep and so his speech being essential in changing the mood of the play and preparing the audience of what is to come, the brutal, cruelness of reality.

In Act 2 Scene 4, which is set in the street, we see Mercutio once again as he mocks Tybalt.

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Probably not. This scene is the climax, it marks the final appearance of Mercutio where after the attention of the audience can be focused on Romeo and Juliet, and captures the highest, memorable part of him; it sums up his character preparing the audience to lose him altogether.

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His spell is full of sexual innuendo; he is actually making a mockery of love as he jumps from one outrageous indecency to another. Mercutio is Romeo's sword-fight loving BFF, and you probably won't be surprised to find out that his name sounds a lot like the word "mercurial," i. He teases Benvolio by inventing a tough, hard man who is ready to fight, who is violent and a show off.

It does this by bringing people together. Mercutio, the major source of comedy is lost and the play goes from a comedy to a tragedy.

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Mercutio brings humour and wit to the play which engages the audience. As Mercutio puts together the image of Queen Mab flying through the air in a wagon we receive a revolting picture. When Mercutio sees Romeo the next day, he is glad to see that his friend is his old self again, and he encourages Romeo, all the while making bawdy jokes at the expense of Juliet's Nurse. He tells a series of jokes about death and wounds, even at death he does not show the feelings and emotions that matter like love. Act 3 Scene 1 is important in studying Mercutio as his death triggers off a series of tragic events, inevitable disasters, which result in the deaths of the lovers. But it helps us get an idea of just how flashy Mercutio is. However Mercutio disregards what anyone says or does and embarks on a speech, which is likened to himself rather than Benvolio. Mercutio is saying that these people do not have the right to call anyone lazy especially their servants. Romeo is a very flawed character whose impulsive behavior led to the death of not only himself but also his beloved Juliet. There is an exchange of insults between Mercutio and Tybalt. However this speech is ironic as Mercutio is talking more about himself. It conquers their minds and will and they can think of nothing but being together. In the classic tale of two "star cross'd lovers", Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare dabbles with both the comic and tragic genres Prologue, Line 6.
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