A character analysis on gene and finny in a separate peace by john knowles

But the crucial ten pounds, Gene notes with envy, are distributed evenly over Finny's body.

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Instead, next to Gene, Finny's entire physique looks more filled out, somehow more striking. He puts on Finny's clothes — even the unconventional pink shirt that was the "emblem" for the Allied bombing of Central Europe — and looks at himself in the mirror.

Through the sacrifice of his suffering and death, Finny redeems Gene, offering his friend — in their essential doubleness — the promise of a better self.

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Ludsbury thrives on the unquestioning obedience of schoolboys and works hard to restore order after the anarchic summer session. Finny, for example, cannot imagine that Gene might envy him his easy success as an athlete, nor does he suspect that his friend's secret animosity might suddenly erupt in violence.

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Essays may be lightly modified for readability or to protect the anonymity of contributors, but we do not edit essay examples prior to publication. His depiction of Finny contains a strong note of physical, if not erotic attraction.

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According to Gene, he is rare among human beings in that he never perceives anyone as an enemy, and never strives to defeat others. Read an in-depth analysis of Gene Forrester. Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information. After the fall, Finny determines to make the union of selves real in Gene, by training him to excel in sports as well as academics. Leper is a mild, gentle boy from Vermont who adores nature and engages in peaceful, outdoor-oriented hobbies, like cross-country skiing. Quackenbush is unliked by most and uses any opportunity to treat those inferior to him with disdain. The boys at Devon have never liked Quackenbush; thus, he frequently takes out his frustrations on anyone whom he considers his inferior. Did you find something inaccurate, misleading, abusive, or otherwise problematic in this essay example? For example, Gene and the reader learns only late in the novel that Finny desperately wants to enlist in the military — any military — and that his fantasy about the fake war simply represents a way of hiding his pain. Their heights and weights are nearly identical, although Finny weighs about ten pounds more than Gene. From his clothes — especially that pink shirt — to his daring jumps from the tree, Finny flouts all the prep school conventions as the classic rebel in an overwhelmingly conformist world.

A stern disciplinarian, Mr. Ironically, he is the first to enlist in the army after seeing a video on the ski patrol.

Most helpful essay resource ever! Some critics have identified Finny as Gene's "Doppelganger," another self, wild and uncontrollable, that Gene loves but feels he must destroy.

A character analysis on gene and finny in a separate peace by john knowles

Their heights and weights are nearly identical, although Finny weighs about ten pounds more than Gene. Unexpectedly, Gene feels free, daring, confident — just like Finny. His fatal flaw is that he assumes that everyone is like him—that everyone shares his enthusiastic and good-natured spirit. Quackenbush briefly assumes a position of power over Gene when Gene volunteers to be assistant crew manager. He expects unwavering obedience from the boys. True to his aquatic-sounding name, Finny lives in action like a fish in water — moving, playing, challenging others to join him. Finny's game of blitzball, for example, expresses his essential nature with its spontaneous style of play and its rules made up on the run.
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